Anorexia patients benefit from brain stimulation

anorexia patients benefitsAnorexia patients may benefit through brain stimulation as it can certainly help ease important symptoms related to anorexia nervosa. British researchers assessed the effectiveness of repetitive transcranial arousal (rTMS) on treating anorexia : rTMS is currently approved to assist in treating depression.

First author Jessica McClelland explained, “With rTMS we targeted … an area of the brain thought to be linked to some of the self-regulation difficulties connected with anorexia.”

The treatment works by supplying magnetic pulses to particular areas of the brain along with feels like a gentle tapping sensation, which alters nerve cells from the brain. McClelland explained, “We found out that one session involving [brain stimulation] reduced the urge to restrict food intake, levels of feeling full, and numbers of feeling fat, together with encouraging more prudent decision-making. Taken together, these findings suggest that brain activation may reduce warning signs of anorexia by improving mental control over compulsive highlights of the disorder.”

Senior author Ulrike Schmidt added, “Anorexia nervosa is assumed to affect around four percent of women inside their lifetime. With rising illness duration, anorexia gets to be entrenched in the mental faculties and increasingly tricky to treat. Our first findings support the likely of novel brain-directed control of anorexia, which are desperately needed.”

Researchers are actually testing long-term benefits of this procedure as a means of helping better treat people with anorexia nervosa.

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