How I Weigh Myself

Hello! How are you? Happy February 1st! Happy Meatless Monday! Happy Meaty Monday (if that’s your thing)! Happy RER examining day!? Happy 1st day of the Per day Day challenge in case you are joining me on it! Happy whatever you want!

I’m chipper because of it being so early on and Monday along with cold! Ha!!

Today I’ve got a super easy Meatless Monday concept to share AND a fantastic tip for the Per day day challenge. Initially let’s start with the worst part of the challenge… with a weight of myself.

You know how I weigh myself?

I will not.

I really never consider myself. (Or check out myself so Now i am constantly wrecking myself personally)

In the past when I have wanted to weigh personally as a gauge I’d personally step on the scale and have absolutely Ben look at it and after that wait a month roughly and have him look at it again and just inform me if I was creating progress. I just was stuck on a specified number in my go to so long that it driven me crazy even though I was feeling greater and eating healthy.

But I also opt out of being weighed at the physician’s office too. Making it hard for them to determine if my thyroid prescription medication is working in relation to our weight.? I decided with the challenge and to keep a health record for me personally I’d step on look in for a commencing weight.

Don’t get me wrong, My spouse and i totally am carrying this out challenge because I desire to lose weight. My trousers are getting tight and that i feel heavier when I run. I just generally check my development by before and after pics, the mirror or even how clothes in shape. That last one is tough to do since all of my pants are flexible though.

Anyway. I considered myself this morning. And it also wasn’t a big deal.

24 day challenge day 1 before (450x800)

And i quickly was ready to start off my 24 Day time Challenge!

24 day challenge day 1 weigh in (800x450)

I ate a few raspberries and peanuts while getting ready to run.

24 day challenge day 1 breakfast 1 (450x800)

It was SUPER windy out today! Ridiculous windy. I monitored 8 miles in addition to came home to eat oatmeal, chug the Fiber content drink and a a lot of open water.

24 day challenge day 1 (800x450)

Here’s a tip to assist get you ready for your challenge…

There is a dietary fiber drink, Spark, Omegas and several herbal cleanse supplements you take for the very first 10 days. That is a great deal to remember to take to you to work or institution or wherever you may spend your time.

Tip: Put all you need for each day in a baggie labeled with the time. Then, you just have to buy it and go. (Essentially you can grab this along with your prepped dinners.)

24 day challenge prep


And now let’s converse FOOD, specifically a tasty and super easy Meatless Friday idea.

easy meatless monday tip

I am taking in a whole grain, necessary protein and vegetables at each and every meal and trying to look at portion sizes.

So to chuck together a super uncomplicated vegetarian meal We used a serving of brown rice (from yesterday), frozen veggies (iced aren’t packed inside salt or sugar) and cooked upward two eggs. Prime with Sriracha and enjoy!!

easy meatless monday vegetarian dinner 6 (800x450)

The yolk blended with the rice makes all the most delicious gravy ever.

Question: What are you actually having for dinner for dinner?

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