Mindful Movement with The Exercise Therapist


Katie McCarthy is the founding father of The Exercise Counselor, a practice which aspires to teach and advertise skills that enable customers to prime their bodies for movement that will?re-wire their brain by binding it to help positive physical experiences.?We came to fulfill her through uplifting paralympian, Kathleen O’Kelly Kennedy, whom she trainers.

What does The Exercise Consultant offer?

At The?Exercising?Therapist?we believe inside prevention. We offer an exclusive treatment technique to boost brain / physique connection called aware cognitive movement therapy (MCMT).

How have you worked with Kathleen O’Kelly Kennedy?

I’onal had the pleasure of working with Kathleen over a number of projects. There was a great time identifying power and biomechanical flaws and modifying our mindful movement string to suit her body needs and wants. She is a wonderful human being.

We have also worked her on several projects involving the girl volunteer work along with foundation for indigenous communities and individuals. She actually is tireless in her hunt for equality and fairness.

What is the ultimate purpose for someone like Kathleen as a result of working with you?

The ambitions we work towards using Kathleen are the same as any shopper. We aim to build her knowledge and also understanding of her systems physiology and dysfunction. ?We work on your brain and body separately to begin with. Mindful meditation to improve the brains thought of posture, proprioception and body understanding. With the body we all aim to optimize shared alignment, range of motion, muscular co-ordination and muscular recruitment order before strengthening and consolidating activity patterns.

Kathleen Side Plank

Kathleen practicing versatile yoga through the education of The Exercise Therapist

How would you see this practice expanding?

The exercise Therapist delivers prevention solutions for the young by bettering mindfulness and mind human body connection. It offers the actual 20-35 age bracket training to help improve body graphic and self conception. We manage the physical ramifications associated with stress and high-speed dwelling. For the over Thirty five years it offers services that help reduce injury, anxiety, mild depression and long term deterioration of joints and position. ?It is anti aging for your body and mind. It helps preserve people doing what you love and what provides nourishment to their soul.

Given the actual scope of software for mindful psychological movement therapy, mindful movement and mood movement, our aim is to help make the services and cure technique’s used by The Workout Therapist available to every Australian – ?and with any luck , to international clients with an appetitive for both mental and physical illness and damage prevention.

What’s THE Benefit to being Angel McCarthy?

Everyday I have the opportunity to make someone’s life far better. To improve the quality of a full day to day living experience.

From something seeing that rewarding as helping someone learn how to go properly again following a full knee remodeling, to the humbling experience of encouraging someone suffering from anxiousness and dysmorphia to rewire their brains by using mindful movement. To see the smile regarding contentment and self applied love is something which stays with you eternally. I love my task and look forward to rolling out our MCMT, careful movement and feelings movement training software programs for personal trainers, physical exercise physiologists and physiotherapists.

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