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Here at THE UPSIDE we have a knack for befriending over achievers. Our own advocates seem to acquire so much from their energetic lifestyles that it divisions out to all aspects of the lives and perceives them kicking targets left, right along with centre.?Nick Youngquest?is one this kind of person. Starting his occupation as a professional football league player, he now spends his period traveling the world modelling for some of the biggest labels in fashion, while also practicing to become a yoga tutor and fulfilling the Business Management diploma. Despite his hectic schedule, the humble and inspiring Australian made time to meet up with us here at?This UPSIDE?before getting a surf in around his hometown, to talk more about his wonderful life.

You used to play football league professionally nationwide but your life is lots different these days, can you tell me about what should you do now?

I am performing a lot of different things right now, which is great. I am working as a model as well as traveling a lot to work together with some amazingly accomplished and creative people, which is great and very dissimilar to what I have been utilized to most of my professional life. It’s been an amazing voyage so far and I am really grateful for the prospects that I have been provided in the industry, from employed in New York, Paris and other places in The european union – I’m pretty privileged. Outside of that Iam finishing off my university stage in Business Management i do online and have got plans to do the MBA, I am also practicing a lot of pilates and just about to begin my yoga educator training course.

It’s great to listen for that you’re still pressing yourself and looking for more! Why does one decide to go back to researching?

I started my sporting activities science degree while i was 18, yet because of sports obligations I eventually stopped and this was something We regret. I always desired to get a degree, even so wasn’t exactly guaranteed what in. Inside hindsight, studying now is a great thing for me as I have matured a whole lot (well I hope thus anyway) and I am enjoying it more and making the most of learning new things in excess of I probably would currently have when I was younger.


“Giving myself that particular hour to practice genuinely makes me a lot more dedicated to being more positive and grateful.”

What’s your average day in New York like?

Well I live just outside the location in New Jersey * it’s a nice change of pace coming from working in Manhattan and being able to come home to a residence and a little more peace and quiet! My wife is from the region so it’s also pleasant in that regard so she will be close to her friends and family.
My typical day would be practicing yoga and fitness with Mira in the morning and then heading to the city pertaining to appointments, or work in New York. We are close to the city so we still spend a lot of time inside with our friends way too. Amongst that, My partner and i make time to study and I love to cook! Since I finished playing professional sport I have adjust my fitness and also nutrition plans tremendously, so I like to try different things on both edges.

What do you gain from practicing yoga, and what other kinds of training do you do to be able to?maintain your fit physique??

After playing professional hobby for so many years and also being surrounded by a reasonably intense, stressful as well as pressure environment, I made a decision to try and totally transform my mentality toward training and how I approached life general really. I had utilized yoga intermittently in the course of my sporting profession and enjoyed the idea, although wasn’t able to spend a lot of time doing during the season. When I finished, I decided to be able to dedicate more time in order to yoga and it has been a wonderful experience – supplying myself that one hr to practice really can make me more committed to being more positive and also grateful.

I practice yoga and fitness four to five times every week and generally do two weights sessions, way too. The weights consultations are generally high intensity together with low weight and perhaps they are developed by my personal trainer,?Dean Jamieson, who is Sydney based mostly. Together, we come up with some ideas on what I am able to do in the gym, especially as I don’t have the need to be as big as I was after i was playing skilled sport.

You’re a great representative for THE UPSIDE and now we love having your self on board – what is it about THE UPSIDE that that suits you?

Well thanks! I try my best, but really it’s a delight to represent the brand and I have been capable of making some great friends due to the fact being involved. The brand has a unique really feel and I think that really emanates from Jodhi’s nature – she is really such a happy in addition to generous person but that really shines through with everything the brand is doing. I am also a childhood friend of the head designer, Ashlea Holdsworth, so there is connection there, far too. Ash is doing such an amazing job, along with everyone on the workforce, but I guess that interconnection also makes it of which little bit more specific. The collections have got all be awesome and my yoga buddies here are always asking where I get my personal outfits, of course My spouse and i point them to This UPSIDE!

Model ? Nick Youngquest

Words ??Hazal Alkac

Images ??Dab Supsiri

Style???Andrew Hainsworth

Grooming???Diane Dusting


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