Real Health Vs. Artificial Health

175958985I’ve been in the professional medical community for many years and also have learned a thing or two with what it takes to maintain robust good health. But the good-for-you recommendations for proper diet and exercise, sleeping and strong social jewelry can get buried because of the trends, headlines along with latest high-tech breakthroughs which catch the media’s attention.

You might not hear very much about restful sleep and getting more green veggies onto your plate with 2014. But you will hear more about some so-called “innovative breakthroughs” inside the health care field. These trendy topics promise to grab plenty of attention and occupy a great deal of mind space. But don’t get caught up in all the hoopla. What worries use is that instead of aiding our cause, most of these new fads will only create “artificial health” that will simply mask the real problem at first and call attention to it in the long run. To loan a phrase – it will likely be akin to sweeping the actual dirt under the rug.

As a doctor concerned about ones well-being, I want to weigh in on the headline-grabbers to come and explain why they aren’t all they’re chipped up to be. This way, you can make the best advised decisions about your wellbeing for 2014 and beyond.

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Artificial Health And 3D Printing

One of such new topics is definitely 3D printing. This medical community is simultaneously excited and also nervous about 3D publishing. As you can imagine, with the ability to duplicate human tissues along with organs, the potential will be enormous. The question is, should it really solve our wellbeing problems? Is “replacement” the response to our health problems or even will “replacement” actually make the situation worse?

Think about it briefly. Will we be since careful about our health once we know that alternatives are easily available? Can all this man-made technology help to make us take our wellbeing for granted? Need a brand-new knee, no problem!

Just envision what a menace this can be in curbing the actual real health issues that plague us. Things i call the Big Five: Cancer, obesity, lung disorders, antibiotic opposition and depression. All the Surgeon’s Warnings and even the threat connected with cancer and dying have not been able to deter people from inhaling pure toxins to their lungs. Imagine what will happen when they will, youngsters mostly, understand that they can replace a great artery, or a bronchi, or possibly a lung. All our centered efforts to restrain smoking will go down the drain.

Or take the ginormous problem of morbid obesity. Our campaigns in opposition to cholesterol and unhealthy fats will take a huge reach when people realize they could easily replace the arteries, veins as well as tissues. Why eat healthy, when we can consume tasty and remain “healthy?”

No, don’t laugh it off like a figment of my imagination. These are early days with regard to 3D printing. However, if 3D printing fulfills the same success connected with PCs, the health effects will be huge. No one ever thought they would currently have personal computers on their agents, let alone in their pockets. But it has occured, and you can see just what smart phones have done to all of us – they’ve created us absolutely based mostly. The same people who could remember at least Twenty phone numbers, cannot don’t forget one (I’m responsible, too. I don’t know my mother’s number).

The Navigation has stopped people from getting in your mind familiar with a path. People have become so accustomed to the convenience of your smart phone they have overlooked how to be sensible. In the same way, with 3D printing, there is a potential for becoming dependent on “artificial elements.” It’s a evasive slope and some days I feel as though we’ve been riding a bobsled that’s about to veer away from the track.

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Gluten-Free Is A Gimmick, Not A Cure

Another topic that could gather momentum this coming year is gluten-free, spurred with by the fantastic recognition of celebrities like Victoria Beckham, Jennifer Aniston and Novak Djokovic to name a few. Needless to say, marketers will (as they already have) cash in on a new trend. Product commences featuring gluten-free claims went up by from 600 with 2007 to in excess of 2500 in 2013, and there are many additional coming this year. Grocery stores will have an church aisle dedicated to gluten-free products. Any kind of food you can think of has decided to offer a gluten-free version.

Agreed, gluten-free products can help us solve one of the real health issues I’ve listed above: weight problems. People cut out their particular heavy carbohydrate practice. But is it realistic? Given how pricey gluten-free products are, it is never about to solve our weight problems problem. In our nation, obesity stems from a regular source of a processed fast food diet and that is relatively inexpensive. Providing a different processed food solution that is 300 per cent more expensive is not precisely a smart idea.

Yes, this celebrities will point out everything you want to notice. But remember, they are compensated to say it. With regards to I’m concerned, a gluten-free diet is necessary exclusively for those who really need it – people with celiac disease and glucose intolerance. Through-out us, there are better ways to eat healthy. And far better ways to beat obesity. For a start, try eating simple healthy home-cooked meals, a lesser amount of processed food, typical eating times, and lots of fresh air and exercise. Truthfully, whatever anybody may possibly say, there is no replacement to a simple healthy way of life.

Marijuana Gets The Nod

There is this huge debate surrounding medicinal marijuana. In America, yet another point out, New York, will engagement ring in the new year which has a program to legalize cannabis for medicinal utilize, making it the 22 state to make hashish legal in some form.

Canada meanwhile will end it’s Marijuana Medical Accessibility Program by Drive 31, 2014.

So who’s appropriate and who’s improper?

Instead of getting caught inside debate of no matter whether medicinal marijuana is a necessary evil or not, let us pause and ask ourselves ?whether pot is the best course of action to ease us from ?despression symptoms, pain, cancer. Wouldn’t it be better to focus the energies in finding out the real cause of depressive disorders and finding out ways to avert it.

Does it not make more sense to ban smoking, than legalizing medical marijuana? I know it is a clich

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