Stressed teens have higher diabetes risk as adults

Close-up of a teenage boy suffering from a headacheNew findings suggest that adolescents that are highly stressed and have difficulties controlling stress are at high risk of type 2 diabetes since adults. Researchers examined data from One particular.5 million teenager men over the age of 18, part of the Swedish armed forces from 1969 and ’97. All the participants experienced standard stress testing and none of them had diabetes.

Prior to the follow-up period over 34,500 men were diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. Men with the lowest resistance to pressure at the age of Eighteen were 51 pct more likely to develop diabetes type 2 in adulthood.

Previous reports have found a link among an increased risk of type two diabetes and stress however the effects of stress resistance in teenage years enjoyed a role or not.

The experts note there are many reasons as to why lower stress weight is linked with diabetes type 2 symptoms. For starters those who have difficulty with managing stress are more likely to eat poorly, smoke cigarettes and be less bodily active which are all identified risk factors of diabetes type 2.

The findings were revealed in Diabetologia.

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