Wanderlust 108 Review

Wanderlust 108

Q: What do you receive if you combine a friendly 5Km run along the stunning Port Melbourne foreshore, an outdoors yoga session direct by one of the best, live music, a new restorative meditation procedure, thousands of new close friends and fresh chai along with lemon bliss projectiles?

A: Heaven, AKA Wanderlust 108.

This past weekend, I had the good fortune for being sent to Wanderlust 108 with Catani Gardens in Melbourne. I’m sure you can imagine the particular horror this an expert in nutrition felt at getting such an invitation. Joshing! Why did I actually give up a perfectly excellent weekend to attend big celebration? It’s quite simple definitely – my wellbeing.


Let it Go

I am tired in addition to fed up with the down and dirty punishing movements which disseminate ideals of excessive exercising and over the superior dieting. The human body in addition to mind were not created for such stresses. Merge this with function pressures, conflicting things, everyday life strains, promises to family and friends and intensely, its no surprise heart problems kills so many.

Our body and mind are deeply linked. Psychological stresses in addition to anxiety often reveal in bodily warning signs. It’s impossible to ignore mind strain and exhaustion, as it will eventually glimmer out in the most annoying of ways, such as a burst open jeans zipper right after succumbing to desires of too many “sometimes” food. Trust me, I’m a documented Nutritionist, I see all of this the time. Individuals typically medicate with inappropriate foods as a sort of therapy.


Enter Wanderlust 108

In this satisfied environment there is an chance to reconnect body, head and soul. It is really an opportunity to let go of tension though unifying oneself. It is rather magical.

As a fanatical yogi, yoga teacher, introspection believer, sometimes runner, nutritional expert and all round well being activist, I could breakdown all of the Wanderlust 108 pursuits in immense details. However, I assurance there is a vast amount associated with blogs covering that, and I would rather pinpoint the event in its entirety.


Chill Man

This event is unlike almost every other. I left sensation revitalised and energised, nevertheless with a strong sense of calm and tranquility with both internally and the world close to me. Wanderlust 108 is definitely an opportunity to get away without worrying about hassles of providing, unpacking, arranging a visa etc etc. It’s a chance to reconnect. It is an occasion which provides your body, mind and soul a caring hug.

If you are in nearness to Wanderlust events it is a must! With love along with kindness of course xxxxxx


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