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Well, I totally forgot about Weight Loss Wednesday because I thought it was Thurs! I am a mess.

A wreck in a dress showing an excessive amount of chest.IMG_5537

But, I’m happy mainly because my client provided me an Easter provide! YOGURTLAND!!! Who wants to join myself? Seriously. I haven’t had fro-yo in almost 40 days and Forty nights. I’m trembling from the withdrawals. 20120404_101805

After our morning client Used to do my own back as well as biceps workout. My partner and i switched out the nut products for 2 string parmesan cheesse. 20120404_101930

Lunch was leftovers by last night’s poultry stir fry. This was more filling compared to my usual healthy salad! IMG_9482 (600x800)

Then, I headed towards the ‘bucks for a meet up with on the list of trainers I fulfilled while leading the actual hike a few weeks returning. We’re going to be supporting each other out on a number of upcoming projects. Tip hint, she’s a new triathlon coach. I’m going to leave it at that.IMG_9484 (600x800)

Remember in older days when I was just a little gigolo used to feature Weight Loss Results stores on RER?

Well, I didn’t.

But, a reader would. And she emailed me personally her weight loss results story.

Paige lost 133 pounds and has kept them back for 15 many weeks! I asked her the questions I’m sure you happen to be dying to know…

Paige Ahead of:weight loss beforePaige After:weight loss after picture

RER: How have you lose the weight?

Paige: I shed the weight with eating and working out. (No pills, weight loss plans, surgery, gimmicks.)

RER: What was a typical day such as when you were losing?

Paige: When I was reducing weight and still do now with maintaining, It’s spell being in tune together with my body. Feeding that for fuel not really for pleasure. Therefore i focused each day about making good choices and getting what my body needed for exercise. Furthermore, i work a full time job, along with enjoy my husband as well as children in the process. Life’s good!

RER: What do you consume in a typical day time (now)?

Paige: Breakfast: Usually Oat meal and berries having a serving of Reddi Ovum. (scrambled with salsa.)

??? AM Treat: Cottage Cheese and red grapes

??? Lunch: Turkey meal on wheat sub thin, with lettuce plus a Jalapeno greek yogurt propagate from Costco, and a mozerella stick.

??? Afternoon Treat: Greek Yogurt and granola

??? Dinner: 4 ounces of chicken, fish or turkey pizza patty, 4 oz prepared sweet potato, 1 1/2 mugs broccoli and a sleep pad of real butter.

??? Pm hours Snack: 1/cup of cottage type cheese or a cheese stick.

RER: What do you do for workout?

Paige: I try to get to the fitness center and do strength training 3 times a week and cardio 4 times per week. (Usually I just add in cardio after every resistance workout thus I’m only training 4 days each week at most. Cardio may include anything from the stage climber, to the bike, for you to running. It differs.

RER: What’s your largest obstacle in maintaining today?

Paige: I’ve been retaining for over a year now and really I have absolutely no desire to go back to becoming “Fat Paige” I think it’azines motivation in itself while I’m finally savoring things I’ve never though were feasible in my life. Why would I want to give all of that up? I really like being active in addition to love feeling wholesome.

RER: Any tips for another person trying to lose weight now?

Paige: Anybody may lose weight! I did. So i thought it was merely an impossible task. Just place your mind to it along with don’t deviate coming from what you want for you along with your body. You can turn into anything you want to be! By no means limit yourself. Locate a support system and produce it happen. Most importantly….BELIEVE in yourself!

Paige information sites at Joy Journey Paige?!

In other Health Or Running / Different News:

Finally, science grabs up with something I discovered years ago… Yale study concludes Chocolate is a Wellness Food.

Not able to show up at the London Olympic games? You can watch all three of the U.S. Males Olympic Marathon runners throughout New York May Twelfth! The men will be operating the UAE Healthy Elimination 10K.

I’m surprised my personal new best friend, Abdi Abdirahman didn’t mention it when we were being hanging out a few weeks previously at the Endurance Live Awards. I guess there we were just too busy interchanging running tips…IMG_7748 (800x532)

Questions:?Consider candy a health food? Need? Life line?

Anyone exploring Olympics?

And don’t fail to remember to tell Paige she gravel!

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