Weight loss Wednesday is back

After a bit of time off to target fixing some bad habits, I’m bringing back Weight-loss Wednesday. I haven’t already been working on losing weight (unless of course complaining counts seeing that working on something), however would like to get back on track. I was partly motivated through Sara Fit’s Weight Loss Bet. The girl organized this levels of competition via diet bet – each person puts throughout $15. For 4 weeks each dieter tries to drop 4% of their weight. If you make your goal you win in addition to split the container with anyone else exactly who also did it far too!image

Weigh in Wednesday.

I need a prize of some sort or other for putting this particular picture of myself on the internet machine. Or rather, you should get a prize for looking at us?IMG_6058

In order to get my money back (or much more) I need to lose Some.5 pounds. Other, that is a lot in 4 weeks! But, I’ve not been eating clear so maybe a lot of mineral water will abandon vessel, we’ll see. Our plan is to just observe to 1800 and keep up the usual exercise. I’m curious to ascertain if the fact that there is dollars at stake will stimulate me at all. My spouse and i bet it would inspire me if I explained to myself I can buy $15 worth of Yogurtland at the end…


Since my own little brother He is staying with us recently I am making him and Ben breakfast and packing them lunches each day. This has granted Ben and I a superb little preview into the world of taking care of someone other than Vegas. IMG_5970 (800x600)

Ben (who’s major baby fever), swears he will get up early and look after our kids so I can continue to run in the morning long term. Since his current work schedule has him starting work pretty first this method isn’t operating just yet. He would adjust his schedule if required for our family.

So, today I did a quick A few mile WALK along with came back to be a day Mom Smile

On a positive be aware, I’m the best multi-tasker!

I manufactured 3 breakfasts and 2 dinners in no time!IMG_6065

On a below positive note, I actually made the biggest mess while putting it all up. IMG_6068

IMG_6071 (800x600)

Okay, I gotta get to workin’

Question: Are you a good multi-tasker?

I are, but I am the messiest person ever. I believe I managed to soiled 32 pots and pans today alone.

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