Weight Loss Wednesday – Lisa's Story

After the great success connected with Liam’s weight loss account, I decided to make Weight Decline Wednesdays a regular characteristic on RER. If you have a diet success story you’chemical like to share you should email me at [email protected]

Lisa’s Weight Loss Story

Lisa Ahead of:

  • Pounds Lost:? 110 pounds
  • How lengthy did it take??? With regards to a year and a half.
  • Where are you from? Originally through Seattle, now I reside in Portland
  • Occupation??? Office assistant for parole along with probation

Lisa After:

What was this motivating factor that obtained you started on your weight-loss journey? Was it another thing or a series of situations?

It was a series of functions that happened very close together. My spouse and i developed high blood pressure and through a yearly physical, my doctor told me I became pre-diabetic. The idea of being diabetes mellitus freaked me away so much that some thing clicked in my mind and I knew I had to do something seriously.

I’d also been struggling to lose weight for about a year with no success. Some address my food items issues and simply started out a half-assed exercise program. I actually joined Curves and gained weight!

Overall, my health was not good. Form pre-diabetes and high blood pressure, I had been in constant discomfort. My feet injure all the time. My sides ached, my back injured. My chest ended up being too large for my body size (5 foot 5 various inches): I was a new 42 FF bra sizing. My legs generally ached. I was constantly receiving colds and bronchitis. I just wasn’t balanced.

What do you think was the main one most important change you made? How did it enable? Can you keep this upward for life?

I think the most crucial change I manufactured was a combination of two things. I learned exactly what real food is (natural, healthy, fuel in my body) and what You need to be eating to get healthy. Trust me; it’s actually not an entire pizza! The other most important change has been discovering that exercise wasn’t torture. I can definitely keep up the workouts for the rest of my life. I usually feel so much greater after exercising. My body system can’t sit even now anymore!

I made the aim to lose 50 kilos. I knew I wanted to lose 100 yet that number frightened me personally! So I decided small steps were better. My spouse and i reached my initial landmark of dropping 50 pounds throughout June 2007. Particularly 1 week before I had been in my brother’s wedding. That has been an awesome feeling!

On Economy is shown 19, 2008 My spouse and i reached my goal regarding losing 75 lbs! I weighed A hundred seventy five for the first time in likely 10 years. I was sooo happy! And what a remarkable birthday present to myself! (And my best friend Rachel had been there with me after i stepped on her range!) Since I reached achieve of weighing A hundred seventy five, I decided I could completely get to 150.

How does one change your eating habits?

After my “revelation” to get healthy, I made a decision to count my own calories for one day time. I made simply no changes to our eating habits and just authored down everything My spouse and i ate. I contacted the calories on the internet and wrote it all down. I was absolutely stunned at what I seemed to be putting into my mouth. I had no concept of serving sizes. I’d been probably eating Three or more servings of food rather than 1 serving. My spouse and i made poor options for snacks. I had too many sweets. I chose to limit the calories to 1999 a day.

This began my personal calorie counting. It was tricky at first. I realized which trying to eat under 2000 calories had been difficult to do, and it also really wasn’t a whole lot of food. I tried you can eat fruits and vegetables as my personal snacks, and eat well for Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner. I found me personally reading every content label and deciding plainly wanted to eat all those calories. It was all about sacrificing and replacing.

My weaknesses are sweets (ice cream, cookies, cheesecake) as well as pizza. I decided to totally cut out pizza via my diet. My partner and i knew I could besides have 1 peel and a salad for dinner. If there was chicken wings in my house, I would eat the entire chicken wings without any regard for you to health or conditioning. As for the sugar, I started substituting the delicious treats I was enthusiastic about for lower gram calorie alternatives: frozen yogurt, Snackwell’s cookies that were with regards to 50 calories each and every, Rice Krispie Treats for 90 calories. These were my desserts.

How did you change your exercising habits?

The only way of exercise I got from 250 pounds had been occasionally going to Conforms. This did nothing to me. I realized that I required to find an exercise program I can stick to, and enjoy. We knew two things concerning myself: 1) I had to LIKE what I seemed to be doing if I was going to stick to it and 2) Only was joining a gym, I believed it had to be in close proximity to home or I’d never go.

I remembered how much I beloved swimming as a little one and teenager, so I started going to the community community pool. My partner and i swam laps for my physical exercise. I absolutely liked it! I looked forward to it too! I spotted that exercising may very well be fun.

Swimming was hard when I first started. I became so out of shape that I had to stop following each lap to relax and I felt just like my heart was going to explode. But now, almost 4 years later, I even now swim three times each week. I can swim miles and a half in about 40 minutes without preventing!

Recently I began a running program as well. I competed in my initial 5k race in March (Run Like Terrible) and did so greater than I thought I would; specifically since I had the flu for a week prior to a run. The figures:

Division Rank: 47/122

Gender Rank: 168/518

Overall Rank: 292/746

I am now dependent on running too. I’ve an 8k coming up later. And my massive run for this calendar year is going to be in May: The Hood to be able to Coast Relay ethnic background! The relay contest goes from Mt. Hood in close proximity to Portland to the coast! I’m also accomplishing the Reach the Seaside bike ride in May well. I will be riding our bike 55 miles! Next year my goal will be a full marathon or maybe a triathlon.

How do you plan to maintain these healthy routines?

I have fallen crazy about running and performing exercises. This is something that I am hoping to keep up for the rest of my life. I love hiking in addition to swimming and I walk on my “off” days. Never imagined I would enjoy auto racing but that is something that assists me train and turn into consistent with my exercise routine.

I have daily lure. There are always bagels or inflatible donuts at work. My friends wish to go to happy hours. My boyfriend loves pizza and could eat it at every dinner. I crave the tasty coffee drink That i used to get all the time…Candy Mocha with caramel syrup, whipped treatment, and chocolate shavings. But I don’t cave in to that 900 nutrient dessert drink! It’s all about choices.

Do you have any kind of tips for RER readers who wants to lose weight?

“How did you practice it?”

This is the question that men and women always ask me personally when they find out My partner and i lost 40% of me weight. 40%. In precise numbers, that’s around 100 pounds. Hundred pounds is a 14 year old boy. My partner and i lost the equivalent of a preteen kid.

The crestfallen look on their confront when they find out the “how” certainly not changes. They want us to give them this wonderful time spell, the magic beans, the pill they can pop, the diet they will do for one thirty day period. They’re never pleased with my actual answer.

“I lost the weight using healthy eating and exercise.”

It involved almost two years to reduce over one hundred pounds. It was a journey I knew I had to carry. It was a journey that’s harder to start rather than to do, honestly. I had to spend 27 years to wake up to the adjust I needed to make.

My tips for others trying to lose weight would be the following:

  1. Find an exercise you enjoy doing and also DO IT! Walking, swimming, biking, yoga. Who cares? If you love it and you’re simply moving your body, you can see results.
  2. Pay attention to your food intake.
  3. Whatever you choose to do, be consistent. Stick with it. Don’t stop whether it isn’t working. My spouse and i hit so many leveling off in my weight loss even so knew that I could well be back to losing weight plainly kept at it!

I desire this will motivate many people:

I lost 100 kilos in 2 years.
I went from a measurement 24W pants to a sizing 6 pants.
The bra size would be a 42FF when I started. Now i am now a 34D.
Myself has been transformed to be able to muscle instead of extra fat.
I’m no longer embarrassed to get into a brazilian bikini.
I probably added about 20 years to gaming.
I now spend my personal weekends going for extreme, long hikes so i love it!

I now move a mile and a half 3 times a week. In fact, I’ve gotten so much superior at swimming of which some guy at the pool asked me last week plainly was a competitive swimmer!
Now i am happy and for the very first time that in my life, I really like my body.

If I can get it done, anyone can!


Congratulations Lisa as well as thanks so much with regard to sharing your tale with RER readers! The woman just started your blog too – you can check it out here.

If you have a weight-loss success story you’d like to share please email me at [email protected]

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