Weight Loss Wednesday

If you’re been reading through RER for a day or two it’s likely you have realized I do nothing at all in moderation. Everything about my running Or eating / duplicating are in excess.

weight loss wednesday tips

I’m do it yourself accepting, so it’s fine.

PR personal record dance

Well, ‘okay’ until I function myself to loss of life or die of the watermelon overdose. But, such a way to go, right?!running on the sidewalk

Anyway, as part of my weight loss endeavours I wrote straight down my 3 most detrimental habits and have thought we would work on them. Summer is coming and I have a Concentrate on bikini with my own name on it and so i need to get it alongside one another!

RER’s worst habits:

1. Snacking before dinner and also at night.

2. Drinking diet plan soda like I’ve the thirst connected with 100 camels saving up for the summer.

3. Not getting ample sleep (which leads to additional snacking and not adequate recovery time for goes).

So, I have decided to focus on each of these habits on their own for 3 weeks and then move on to the next one.

Mission A single: No Snacking.

Mission: Simply no (random) Snacking starts currently and I’ll give attention to it for 15 days. You are welcome to join everyone in working on your terrible habit for the next A 3-week period too. Chime in in order to play and we are able to do updates on Wednesdays each week!

Then, I’ll proceed to my beloved diet soda. That’s going to be sad. Is there a 12 step group intended for Diet Dr. Pepper lovers?


Um, does anyone else think I am Natalie Dee in real life?! It’s scary the amount we’re the same. This can be her cartoon coming from TODAY.

Question: What’s your own worst habit that you might want to work on?

Bonus: What’s your best habit you would like to keep?

< I am coordinating a #BostonStrongOC run intended for next week stay tuned >

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